Why You Can’t Skip Ads On YouTube And How To Fix It

Why You Can't Skip Ads On YouTube And How To Fix It

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video streaming platform on this planet. Some make money over there by posting or uploading informative content that helps others to find answers to their questions. I know that it is your wish to watch videos without ads, even with the free version of YouTube, or if not, there should be an option to skip ads when they pop up when watching a video. Users always complain about the fact of not being able to skip ads sometimes when watching a video on YouTube. If you can’t skip ads on YouTube, then one or two things that I am going to talk about in this article might be the cause. But have you thought about the creators about how they sustain their channels? In most cases, either the advertiser or the content creator does that so that they can also benefit from the time you will spend on the video. If you can’t skip ads on YouTube, then this content is for you because I am going to walk you through some of the reasons why, causes and how to fix them. Stay tuned!!!

Reasons Why Users Can’t Skip Ads On YouTube Some Suggested Fixes.

1. Content Creators Decide.

Content Creators will only be able to sustain their channels if they get or generate revenue from the ads on their videos. If you can’t skip ads on YouTube, then the content creator has decided that viewers will have to watch the video ad before the main video comes. This option does not benefit YouTubers only, but advertisers and YouTube itself. If you are a YouTuber and 90% of your audience are found skipping ads, then there is no need to continue creating content again because you are not going to get any decent amount to sustain your channel. This is the main reason why you find it difficult to sometimes skip ads on YouTube.

How To Fix it.

Content creators are sometimes behind this. They insert the unskippable ads so that users can’t skip ads on YouTube. At this stage, the only thing that can help fix this is to use an ad blocker to simply block all ads if you can’t skip ads on YouTube. Ad blockers can help those who can’t skip ads on YouTube to totally avoid ads when watching videos.

2. Advertisers Want To Reach Their Target Audience.

One of the main reasons why you can’t skip ads on YouTube is that advertisers want to reach their target audience. Advertisers will only bid on a channel when the audience suits their brand. Now imagine if you are an advertiser and you choose to drive traffic to your online store, website or business through YouTube ads. Now here is the case that whenever your ad comes up on a channel, users skip it . If this continues for a long period of time and your expectations are still yet to be met and, all of a sudden, YouTube introduced unskippable ads. If you had the chance to use it and meet your expectations, will you use it or not? I believe you will use it to get what you want. So sometimes, if you can’t skip ads on YouTube, then advertisers use the unskippable ads to get brand awareness or each the target audience.

How To Fix This.

There is absolutely no fix for this. YouTube created these unskippable ads purposely to benefit content creators, advertisers and YouTube themselves. The only thing you can do is to wait and watch the ad till the end, before your video.

3. You May Have Problems With Your Browser.

It happens to anybody at anytime.You may encounter an issue on a website and tend to blame the owner of the site without checking your browser to see if something is wrong. If you can’t skip ads on YouTube, check your browser and see whether everything is working properly. It might happen that one of your chrome extensions is causing this problem. I understand the fact that creators mostly opt for unskippable ads, but at times, your browser can also do the same.

How To Fix it.

If you are having problems with your browser, it is more likely that you will experience this issue. Some browser plugin extensions can make ads unskippable even if they can be skipped. Try to check your chrome extensions to find out the cause of this issue. After finding the particular extension causing this issue, disable it whenever you want to watch videos on YouTube.

4. Advertisers pay higher amounts.

This issue is more or less like a broken link preview on Facebook. Facebook knows this issue but does not have any intension of solving it. The same way , YouTube knows that users can’t skip ads on YouTube with this ad type but have no intention of solving it. If content creators are making millions of dollars a month on YouTube, how much do you think YouTube itself is making? Some advertisers pay higher amounts, so they demand good and excellent results and the only way YouTube can satisfy them, YouTube itself and content creators, is to introduce unskippable ads.

How To Fix It.

This is actually possible on YouTube’s side. They truly knew what was going to happen but went on and introduced the unskippable ad type. If a creator or developer develops something on his/her own and there is an issue, the best option or solution is to call the developer to fix it. The same way, if YouTube has introduced unskippable ads and, because of it, users can’t skip ads on YouTube, the best person to fix it is YouTube themselves.

What to do if you can’t skip ads on YouTube or are tired of watching ads?

1. Switch or go for YouTube premium.

Though this option will cost an amount, it will be helpful if you are tired of ad destruction or can’t skip ads on YouTube. YouTube premium account is purposely there for users who want to watch videos without ad destruction. The premium account, as the name suggests, is not free. You will need to pay a certain amount of money to subscribe to a plan on YouTube to start watching videos without watching ads.

If you need an individual annual plan, then you have to pay $119.99 . This plan will not renew automatically when the time is due. If you want a family plan, YouTube also offers that. For a family plan, you will be given a one-month free trial and, after that, YouTube will charge $17.99 a month. What is more interesting about this plan is that you can add up to 5 family members at the ages of 13 and above. All these premium plans are there for those who are tired of seeing ads or watching ads when watching a video on YouTube.

2. Choose a better browser.

I have already said that bad browsers are one of the main reasons why users can’t skip ads on YouTube. If you are experiencing this issue and have made all the right settings in your browser but still find it difficult to skip ads on YouTube, then you must change them. Chosing another great browser when experiencing this issue can help fix it. It could happen that the old browser had some hidden issues or bad settings, so changing it will start everything afresh.

3. Disable Chrome Extensions.

If you use chrome and can’t skip ads on YouTube, then one of your chrome extensions is causing this issue. You must do thorough research by disabling each one of them one by one till you find the one that is causing the problem. Like WordPress, when a plugin is causing problems on your website and you can’t find it, then you will have to disable all of  them and start switching them on one after the other till you find that plugin causing the problem. If you have chrome extensions and can’t skip ads on YouTube, then you must turn to them and find out or better disable all of them.

Reasons Why It Is Not Advisable To Skip Ads On YouTube.

The main reason for this article is to help those who can’t skip ads on YouTube to find the cause and fix it. But I will always advise you not to skip ads on YouTube for the reasons below. 

1. Help Content Creators To Survive And Sustain Their Channels.

I know you have subscribed to so many channels on YouTube. Why did you? Because you liked the content or the video. Content Creators go through a lot of things before they post videos on YouTube. According to research, YouTube gets 3 billion searches a month and these content creators are working hard to help you find what you are searching for. Although not all the videos on YouTube are relevant, almost 90% of them are informative, which answers a lot of questions on the video platform. 

Aside from other deals, affiliate links etc that big channels have, their main source of income is through ads they put on their videos. This is the main reason why some YouTubers insert unskippable ads so that users can’t skip ads on YouTube. Most of the YouTubers depend on it for a living. I would advise you to avoid skipping ads on YouTube.

2.  Advertisers Need Your Attention.

If you continue to skip ads on YouTube, advertisers will lose you as a potential customer or buyer of their products. Most of the companies out there choose YouTube ads to promote their products and get high brand awareness. It might happen that you would have had interest in the advert or ads if you had watched it but because you skipped it, both you and the advertiser will lose something big.

3. YouTube Will Lose Money.

YouTube themselves knew that the introduction of the unskippable ads would cause destruction for the users. This is because users can’t skip ads on YouTube when they try to watch videos, but they went ahead and introduced them. When advertisers are not getting what they want because of users skipping their ads, they will stop bidding and won’t come  back again. Due to this, YouTube introduced this ad type to benefit both of them so that they will not lose their advertisers. 

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Common FAQS.

Do YouTubers get paid when viewers skip ads?

No, YouTubers do not get paid when viewers skip ads but rather get paid when they watch the ads. If you want to help your favorite content creator to go a long way to creating useful and informative content, then you should watch the ads even if it is 30secs long. This will help them to generate revenue to sustain their channels. Frankly speaking, if you are a YouTuber and your audience are found skipping ads, then you are not going to make any decent money.

I Can’t Skip Ads On YouTube. Why?

Yes , there are certain stages where you will have to wait for the video ad to finish before you can watch your video. If you can’t skip ads on YouTube or don’t see the “skip ad ” button, then either the content creator or the advertiser has decided that viewers should wait till the video ad ends before the main video comes. They make this possible by using the unskippable ads introduced by YouTube so that they will generate revenue from the views and impressions.

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