How To Remove Copied content from Google Search

How To Remove Copied content from Google Search

Report or remove all copied content on Google search

It is really frustrating when you find out that your contents have been completely stolen by other websites. Sometimes, you even want to go the extra mile to take down the website that is continuously stealing your content. Some of us think that, if content scrapers steal our contents, it will somehow turn into an advantage for us because of the backlinks but that is not true. If you are reading this, then you might probably be one of the bloggers that content scrapers keep stealing content from your website. I strongly believe that you certainly know how hard it is to create or write skyscraper content and, because of that, wouldn’t want to exchange it with a backlink that might not even have any positive effect on your rankings. And if you even want a backlink from that, it shouldn’t be this way because that is a criminal offense in the first place. Some content scrapers steal some part of your content and some even go the extra mile to steal the whole blog post with all the images and links in it through RSS feed. It is not the right way and should be reported to Google as soon as possible. Copyright is one of the things that Google has been doing extremely well at and preventing content thieves from succeeding through the panda algorithm. If you really facing this issue and want to get rid of it, then you should alert Google about this issue. Today, I am going to show you how to remove copied content from Google search in order to prevent duplicate content. But before that, let’s know what and why these thieves target our websites.

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Why do these content scrapers steal our content?

1. They are lazy.

All content scrapers are lazy. They don’t want to work hard but want to achieve success. Google has developed from accepting websites that have lots of content to accepting websites that have high quality content. Due to this, you can only rank high on Google if your content is valuable to users. So if content scrapers can’t write good content like you are doing, the only thing they can do is to steal from you and use it as their own.

2. You are doing a great job.

Content scrapers target websites that are growing. If they see that your content are doing extremely well on search engines, then they target you. You can even testify that, at first, you were not facing this issue until now. This means that they always search for sites that has potential.

3. They want to bring you down.

Search engine rankings is one of the most competitive places in the world. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc have been developed in such a way that you have to do something to outrank your competitors. When your posts are really doing well on search engines, be ready for such destruction.

These content scrapers might be your competitors and wouldn’t mind using another irrelevant site to bring your site down.

Why do others think that this criminal act could be an advantage?

1. Backlink

One of the main reasons why others think that this bad act could be an advantage is the backlink. Some things, when content scrapers steal your contents, you will get a backlink. But one question I would like to ask is that, are those links worth it? No, I don’t think so. When they steal your contents, especially through RSS feed, and automatically republish it on their websites with all the internal links, they will turn to be a backlink. One problem I have with this is that most of those scraper websites do not have a domain authority of even 9 not to talk about page authority. This criticality will not make much sense if you want to exchange your content with  this backlink.

2. Advertisement.

Another reason why others think that this criminal act could be an advantage is advertising. Content scrapers advertise your products or website when they steal your content. It might happen that the scraper has more readers and so, when he steals your content with links, it could, turnout to be a big advertisement for your products or website.

3. Somehow, it guarantees traffic.

Content scrapers somehow guarantee traffic when they steal your contents. In a situation where these scrapers have huge monthly views or traffic, 50% of that traffic could end up on your site since those contents they stole contain links back to your site.

Why must you report or remove copied content from Google search?

1. It will cause duplicate content.

We all know the bad effect of duplicate content. The Google panda algorithm is very smart nowadays and can detect duplicate content easily. It could happen that, though you are the real owner of the content, but it could turn out to be that you are the scraper. If this happens, then Google will surely punish you and this could get your posts deranked on Google.

 2. The content scraper may outrank you with your own content.

It always happens to everyone. I remember one thief stole my website content with the topic “FBA shipping rapid express freight” from word to word and ranked higher than me. See the picture below. The first one is the scraper { he stole my content from word to word} and the second one is the original content which I wrote it myself.

How To Remove Copied contents from Google Search

You can see that even with my website name “” in the image, the scraper was still ranking higher than me. So I submitted a request for removal to Google and finally had my content in real shape and I can see that there are also changes in the rankings too. For this reason, I strongly advise you to remove copied content from Google search and I am going to teach you how to do that in this article.

3. You will miss traffic.

It is obvious that when content scrapers steal your content, you will lose traffic. Aside from Google’s punishment, you could lose the potential traffic of the content to the scraper’s content. Content scrapers don’t care about your website and so, therefore, after stealing your contents, they will have the ghast to optimize it to rank high than yours. This act could cause you to lose a lot of traffic if you don’t remove copied content from Google search.

4. Your website will lose value.

Another reason why you should immediately remove copied content from Google search is that your site may lose value. Google values quality contents and hates duplicated ones. When Google finds out that your content by another means could be found on another website, it could count that as a duplicate, which might affect you.

How to find duplicate or copied contents and remove them?

I have been into this situation before and know how frustrating it is. Though it is difficult to find those websites that keep stealing from you, I think these steps will do.

1. Use copyscape plagiarism tool.

The copyscape plagiarism tool can help you find all the copied contents and deal with them one after the other. What you have to do is to study your contents with the help of a search console or Google analytics. If you find contents that is bringing almost zero traffic to your website, copy the’ contents’ url and check them with copyscape. This will help you find websites that have the same content from word to word as your content. After finding them out, follow what I am going to teach you in this article to report them to Google for removal.

2. Use the Google search console.

The Google search console is another tool that can help you find content scrapers with ease. On your search console dashboard, navigate and find “links” and click on it. Now after clicking on it,  search console will data of sites linking to yours plus all the internal links. Study it carefully and if you see that a single website is heavily linked to a post of your site or your entire site, then that website might be a suspect. For further details, click on the url and go the website or post and from there, you can see how well your content was stolen.

3. Use Google alerts.

If you also want to find copied content or content scrapers, then you should set up Google alert. This tool will track all the scrapers and notify you about it via email. You can also see the position of your post and the copied content too on search results.

How to report or remove all copied content from Google?

It is very annoying when a content scraper steals your content and you find out. Sometimes the copied one even ranks better than your original one. If we really love our website, then we must report it as soon as possible. Follow the steps below to report or remove copied content from Google search.

1.  Click on this link and it will take you to the Google DMCA page.

2. On the DMCA page, scroll down till you find “create request” and click on it.

3. After clicking on it, you will see the page below. Select “Google search”

4. Google will ask you about the product which your request relates to. Click on “Google search” again.

5. Select “intellectual property issue” as seen below.

How To Remove Copied contents from Google Search

6. Select copyright infringement from the options.

How To Remove Copied contents from Google Search

7. Google will ask you “are you the copyright owner”. Go ahead and select ” Yes, I am the copyright owner”

8. Now here, select others as seen below.

How To Remove Copied contents from Google Search

9. After doing all this, you will see the “create request” button. Go ahead and click it.

When you click on it, you will be given a form to fill in. In this form, you will be required to submit your content url(s) and the one copied url(s) (thus the scraper’s content url) for Google to remove it from search results. 

Note : Be very careful not to put the original url in the box where you are supposed to put the copied one in order to avoid your original post being removed from Google search.

What will happen after submitting those requests or reporting the scrapers?

When you submit the request, Google will review it and if they approve, they will remove those copied contents from Google search. From there, you will see how well your traffic will increase.

What to do if you want to take down the scraper’s website completely?

In some cases, you can take down the thieves’ websites completely. All that you have to do is to use this link to find the full details including the hosting provider’s name. Contact the hosting provider and inform them about this criminal act and they will completely take down the website.

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