7 Proven Ways To Monetize A Blog For Beginners.

7 Proven Ways To Monetize A Blog For Beginners.

The Ultimate Guide For Beginners To Monetize A Blog

It has always been the priority for almost 90% of beginners who own a blog to monetize it. Monetizing a blog means making money on your blog whichever way. This means that you have taken a step further to maintain the status of the website, because you can’t just use your pocket money to run the site. One thing you must bear in mind about blog monetization as a beginner is that, there will be a lot of frustrations on your way to monetizing your blog. Of course, you must understand that nothing comes on a silver platter, such as blog monetization. The only person who can succeed through these frustrations is a determined person or a person with a passion for blogging. If you decide to put ads on your blog, some ad networks are demanding some requirements which you fallout. The same way, if you decide to monetize a blog through sponsorships too, you are not getting deals due to the size of your site. All these are some of the frustrations that may hinder you from monetizing your blog. If you don’t stay still and continue searching, you even decide to quit blogging because you need money to run the cost of the site. If you are a beginner and want to monetize a blog, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered in this article. Read through to choose your best way to monetize a blog.

When should you start to monetize a blog?

There are some stages that when you achieve, you should start considering monetizing your blog. ( Don’t worry because they are beginners, friendly). Sometimes you may not get there, but you can still monetize your blog, but at least, even as a beginner, you should probably meet these.

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1. You should start monetizing a blog when your website is fully completed.

Despite considering ourselves as beginners, one thing we should know is that, if we really want to make money from our blogs, then we should complete it. If our sites are not fully completed, none of the ways that I am going to talk about to monetize a blog will work. If you don’t complete your website, 

  • a. ad networks will reject it when you submit it for monetization.
  • b. You will not get enough traffic and even the bounce rate will go high.
  • c. It will be highly impossible to get sponsorship deals and even affiliate marketing won’t work.

These and many more are among the frustrations you may face if your website is not fully completed.

2. When you start getting traffic to your posts. 

This doesn’t mean that you will need thousands of traffic daily, but anything around 40-60 a day is quite good to monetize a blog as a beginner.

When you are getting 40+ traffic daily, you should quickly take advantage of that. Despite some of the ad networks demanding thousands of traffic before approval, other prominent ones like AdSense do not have any requirements. If you have quality content on your blog, then your chances of getting AdSense approval is high. Aside from AdSense, other ad networks like propeller ads, ezoic etc. can accept you and monetize your traffic no matter the source. If you are using a blogger, check how to get AdSense approval.

3. When you start getting comments and your posts rank higher on Google search.

Yes, you should be alert. The moment you start getting comments on your blog, then you know that people have started recognizing your hard work. You may not know that these guys are your audience, but bet me that 2 or 6 out of them visit your site daily to pick up valuable information. Stop the excuses and start taking advantage of the 40 or 60 people who visit your website.

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7 Proven ways to monetize a blog for beginners.

1. Monetize a blog through an advertisement.

Undoubtedly the most popular way to monetize a blog for both beginners and experts. If you really want to get some amount from your blog, then you should probably go for ad placement. I understand that almost 60% of all ad networks have eligibility requirements, but there are some prominent ones that accept beginners like you and I. If you take AdSense, for instance, they accept small publishers and with quality content, you can make a lot of money. You may say that AdSense isn’t profitable, but that isn’t the case. If you are getting tier one traffic, even 200 daily visits can make you $34 in just a single day.( It will depend on the keywords you use in your article. Use profitable keywords and earn high in AdSense) You need not to think about it before you decide to join ad networks to monetize your blog as a beginner, because it is the greatest way to cash out from your hard work.

2. Affiliate marketing

If you want to monetize a blog, try affiliate marketing. Though it is not easy to succeed in affiliate marketing, but when you keep your faith and write quality content, you can earn enough commission. Sometimes others think that it isn’t working for them… Wow, so you have accepted defeat. How is it that many people are making huge amounts from affiliate marketing and you are seeing yourself not making it too. Everything started from scratch. Nobody was born as an expert in affiliate marketing. They all started just like you. If you can be creative enough to insert affiliate links in your blog posts, you are going to make a lot of money. Let’s assume that your site gets 40-60 traffic a day and 10 of them visit the site through your affiliate links. It is possible that 4 out of 10 might purchase a product which earns you a commission.

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3. Accept Donations.

It sounds strange, but this is one great way to monetize a blog. I accept the fact that we are in hard times, but that doesn’t take the possibility of your loyal readers donating to run the cost of the site. After all, they all benefit from the information you share with them each and every week or day. You can accept donations through PayPal by putting a PayPal “donate” button on your site or choosing a different way, like Ko-fi, for your readers to help you. It seems strange, right? But it works like magic.

4. Accept sponsored post.

Sponsored post is also considered one of the greatest way to monetize a blog. It may not be like a dance routine, but a one-off deal can blow your mind. Though I don’t recommend this mostly to beginners, but it will surprise you that on your way of producing good quality content week in week out, you may get an email requesting sponsorship. Sometimes the sponsor may not think about your blog and can submit any link in the article outside your niche. When this happens, it will up to you to either accept or reject. I would advise that you learn the pros and cons before accepting a guest post. But all in all, it is a great way to monetize a blog.

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5. Deliver Freelance Services.

Just like Fiverr, Upwork, etc., you can also deliver freelance services on your own blog and this is beginner friendly. Though it will be hard for unknown individuals to just trust you, but your diligence will get you more deals. Check the image below.

7 Proven Ways To Monetize A Blog For Beginners.

I offer content writing services on this blog and I get deals. Sometimes 4 or 6 in the space of 10 days and I charge not less than $10 per 1000 words. Calculate and see how profitable this is. You can also do the same.

6. Create and Sell online courses.

If you can give an online tutorial on any topic that will benefit others, then you should take advantage and make money out of it. You may be a beginner, but you can deliver good and efficient SEO tips and tricks. With this, you can create an online course about it and name it “SEO best practices” and set a gateway fee for your readers to start paying for it. Unlike other sites that charge higher amounts, you can make yours standout by reducing the amount to get more sales. It is time to stop the excuses and do something. Creating and selling online courses is one of the greatest ways to monetize a blog.

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7. Consulting.

Consulting is one last I want to talk about. It sounds like a thing that is out of bound when we talk about how to monetize a blog but it is one great way to cash out from your blog. One thing that I keep on saying is that, the most important thing in this world is to know the right place to go when you are searching for something. Consulting can be that great to help your readers and make money out if it. Everyone in this world would like to go the right way at the right time, but how do they? Even you reading this post can testify that, if you had somebody who would give you tips before starting your blog, you wouldn’t have been making these mistakes you are making. Each and everyone needs some guidance, especially when starting a new journey and your readers are no exception. What can you do? What do you know best? And how best can you offer advice to individuals? This is the time to cash out. You can monetize a blog even as a beginner by giving advice on anything you have a lot of experience on at a fee. You can search online for how to do consulting on a website and have more ideas to start.

Final Words.

You may have a blog but might be struggling to monetize it due to some of these things you didn’t know. There you have it. Now you can monetize a blog in any of the ways provided above. If you tried the first one and didn’t work, don’t relax, go ahead and try another one that best fits you. All suggestions are accepted, so don’t hesitate to drop your suggestions below. You can also leave your comments or ask any questions and I will answer it as soon as possible. Do me a favor and share it with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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