What Companies Are In Basic Industries Field?

What Companies Are In Basic Industries Field?

What companies are in basic industries field: The role of basic industries in an economy is very important as it encourages the flow of foreign money. If you really want a career change that can help you build on your skills and get a lot of money for yourself and family, then the basic industries field must be a path. In the basic industries field, there are a lot of prominent companies available. Companies like Cargill, Newmont mining corporation, Dupont etc. come on board when you ask the question ” what companies are in basic industries field?”. In this article, I will be talking over the topic ” What companies are in basic industries field? and some of the best paying jobs in the sector. But before that, let’s quickly know what is what.

What Is Basic Industry?

Basic industries  are those that produce materials that are used by other industries or companies as raw materials. 

Iron and steel, wood, paper, aluminum melting etc. are examples of basic industries.

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What are Non-Basic Industries?

Non-Basic Industries are those that make money within a community by selling to local customers.

Difference Between Basic And Non-Basic Industry.

The main difference is that basic industries are able to make money outside a country by exporting raw materials, while non-basic industries make money with the community by selling to local customers.

What Companies Are In Basic Industries Field?

What Companies Are In Basic Industries Field

1. Cargill Incorporated

Cargill Incorporated is an American global ford corporation that was founded in 1865 by William Wallace Cargill. It is regarded as the biggest privately held company in the US. The purpose of this company is to be the number 1 company to nourish the world by bringing in people’s ideas and resources to transport products. Cargill has subsidiaries of Cargill meat solutions, provision AS, Cargill Ltd, etc. According to research,  Cargill was worth 114.7 billion dollars in 2018 and 3.103 billion earnings. Their headquarters is in Wayzata, Minnesota, US. and David W. MacLennan is currently the CEO of the company.

2. Newmont Mining Corporation

Newmont Mining Corporation, the world’s largest gold mining company, was founded in 1921 by William Boyce Thompson. It is based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, US and has over 14,000 employees worldwide. The main purpose of this company is to develop a reliable mining business in a safe way. They currently mines gold and copper and other minerals in so many countries.. 

Ghana, Mexico, Australia, Peru etc. are some of the countries Newmont Mining Corporation currently operates in. Their headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, US. and their CEO is Tom Palmer.

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3. Dupont.

Dupont de Nemours Incorporated is an American company that was founded in 1897 by Eleuthēre Irenee Dupont. The company has subsidiaries of Dow, Danisco, E.I. Dupont Canada co, Dupont (Korea) etc. It is regarded as one of the biggest chemical companies in the world. In 2020, Dupont is worth 20.4 billion dollars and currently has over 34,000 employees worldwide. Their headquarters is in Wilmington, Delaware, US. The main motive behind this company is to make the world safer and a better place for individuals by using science and innovation.

4. Sealed Air Corporation.

Sealed Air Corporation is a company that is known for it’s cryovae food and bubble wrap cushioning packaging. It was founded in 1960 in Saddle Brook, New Jersey by Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes. The company currently has over 200 plus locations worldwide.

5. Masco Corporation.

I hope you really want to know the companies in the basic industries. That’s why you searched for the topic ” what companies are in basic industries field?” ,  I am here to tell you that Masco Corporation is one of them. Masco is an American company that is known for manufacturing products for home improvement. It was founded in 1929 by Alex  Manoogian. The Company’s headquarters is in Livonia, Michigan U.S and has subsidiaries of Behr, Delta Faucet company, Hansgrohe, Behr paint etc. It has 18,000 employees worldwide. The name of the CEO is Keith J Allman, who joined them on Feb 14, 2014.

6. Chevron Corporation.

Chevron Corporation is also an American transnational corporation that was founded in 1879 in California, US by Charles N. Felton, Lloyed Tevis, George Loomis and others. It has subsidiaries of Noble Energy, the Renewable energy group, etc. Due to the kind of quality and the number of services they provide, they currently have over 42,000 employees worldwide. This company is known for the production of hydrocarbons in the United States Of America. 

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 7. International Paper.

International paper is an American and the world’s largest pulp and paper company. It was founded in 1898 by Hugh J Chrisholm. The company currently has over 49 thousand employees worldwide and subsidiaries of Temple -Inland, Harmmermil paper company etc. Their headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee,US and the name of their CEO is Mark S. Sulton, who joined them in 2014.

8. Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway incorporated is an American transnational company that was founded in 1839 by Oliver Chace. Their main activities are generating and distributing energy, retailing and insurance etc. The company currently has subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway, GEI CO, etc. Their headquarters is in Omaha, Nebraska, US.

9. Global Industries

Global Industries was founded in 1949 in the United States. Currently, it is the leading company of office furniture, safety tools, storage solutions etc distribution. In 1949, this company started as a small material handling organization and is currently regarded as the largest company with over 1.7 million products in 21 trading and manufacturing categories.

10. Exxon Mobil.

Exxon Mobil is oil and gas American transnational company that was founded in 1999. The main motive behind this company is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing reliable energy. This company has over 64, 000 employees worldwide. According to reports, Exxon Mobil is worth 276.692 billion and has net income of 23.040 billion dollars. It is regarded as one of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world right now.

11. PPG Industries.

PPG Industries is an American fortune 500 organization that is known for the supply of paint and coating materials globally. This company currently has over 47,000 employees and is worth 13.83 billion dollars in 2020, according to research.  It has subsidiaries of Glidden, Tikkurila, Comex group, etc. John Baptise Ford and John Pitcairn Jr. were the founders of this company. When you consider revenue as a ranking factor, this company is regarded as the largest paint and coatings company in the world currently. 

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What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries Field?

Best Paying JobsAnnual Salaries $
Forensic Scientist  64-74K
Synthetic Chemist80-120K
 Petroleum engineer 137-190K
Drilling Engineer132-140K
 Pipefitter 29-35K
Safety And Health Officer 108-110K
 Mining and geological Engineer 48-98K
Steel Fabricator 29-56K
Metallurgist 97-200K


What companies are in basic industries field? I strongly believe that this article has done justice to your question, so you now know all the companies in basic industries field. Please, if you find this article helpful, kindly share it for me and drop your comments below. All suggestions will be accepted provided they don’t violate our rules. Thanks for visiting my website.

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