Is Payoneer Safe? Beware! Payoneer Is A Scam And Not Legit.

Is Payoneer Safe? Beware! Payoneer Is A Scam And Not Legit.

Payoneer is a big scam. BEWARE!!!

Hi you are welcome to my website for this guide and am here to tell you to avoid Payoneer because it is a scam company. I am not even going to describe who they are, what they offer or do etc. to waste my energy and resources. This company nearly killed me with their fraudulent act and am here to tell a short story about my experience with Payoneer.

Is Payoneer Safe or legit?

The answer is absolutely not. I have seen a lot of websites saying that Payoneer is legit and some even go an extra mile to explain things deeply just to convince you. Please beware, all those websites and individuals giving out those reviews are paid for that. Their job is to convince you guys to use Payoneer. They are not doing those reviews from their experience, so if you don’t take care, you will also fall as a victim like me. On, we don’t give positive reviews to scam companies like Payoneer, but rather give reviews to our readers to rather stay away from it or go and go and get scammed. Payoneer is not safe. AVOID THEM.

Read a short story about my experience with Payoneer.

I started blogging with one of my websites, which is a news website, because SEO blogging isn’t all that easy and most of my traffic was coming from Facebook. I was using Adsense and the revenue was very low, so reaching the minimum threshold became something like walking on my bare foot from England to Spain. I worked and prayed hard to get ezoic and, by the grace of God, got accepted when I applied, but unfortunately, into the Access now program. This is because my traffic was low  at that time and I had no option other than to join. Even with the lowest minimum threshold of $20 , I worked very hard before reaching it and decided to choose Payoneer as a payment method. I went ahead to read reviews to know more about Payoneer and most of them said it is good, while quite a small number of them were saying they were a scam company. Because of how well those guys have been paid by Payoneer to give them good reviews, they did exclusively well with their posts and reviews and got me convinced. I quickly searched on YouTube and had a video that assisted me to have my Payoneer account fully created and I was able to link my bank account also. Because of decency, I went on to read their policies to avoid any violation. At this point, I said to myself that I was going to use Payoneer safely, so I proceeded to select Payoneer as a payment method on ezoic and was waiting for ezoic to pay me and, of course, my first ad revenue. But before that, I had  already linked my bank account to Payoneer and they accepted all the documents I provided, including my ID cards. When the payment time was up, ezoic truly paid me. At that time, I needed money to pay my exam fee and that ad money was my only hope. Immediately the payment hit my Payoneer account, they held it and asked me to verify the payment. Meanwhile, I read their policies and saw that when you receive money from legit and well known companies like ezoic, Fiverr , Upwork ,ebay etc. there is nothing wrong with that. I then decided to verify the payment by submitting all the required documents. Per the description of the verification, they wanted me to submit that document I used when creating my account and yay! I had them. I quickly submitted them and surprisingly they rejected it. I was wondering and decided to submit an alternative but sadly they rejected it again and asked of the first one that I submitted. At this point, I said that I had fallen for those scammers because I should have paid good attention to those bad reviews. I then again submitted the required documents and got it rejected again. This nearly gave me a broken heart because my fee was next to the door. I tried so many ways and means to reach them but never got the chance after getting my email messages abandoned for about weeks. I  further contacted ezoic to see if they could help me out but they said big NO!. So I decided to keep on changing the documents and got all of them rejected. I got stuck and didn’t know what to do again. A few days later, I got a message from them that my account had been disabled for no tangible reason. In fact, when this happened, I cried for 2 days  because I had no hope of paying my fees. I don’t really know why this fraud company still exist with all these fraudulent acts. So if you asked the question ” is Payoneer Safe or legit?” I would probably say NO due to my experience. See some of the emails from them below.

Is Payoneer Safe? Beware! Payoneer Is A Scam And Not Legit.
Payoneer’s email message they send me after submitting the required documents
Is Payoneer Safe? Beware! Payoneer Is A Scam And Not Legit.
They said they have rejected the payment but never send it back
Is Payoneer Safe? Beware! Payoneer Is A Scam And Not Legit.
They Closed my account with no tangible reason

Is it good to use Payoneer?

It is not good to use Payoneer, they will steal your money and ban you for no tangible reason. Don’t be a victim of this fraudulent company. Payoneer is a scam.

All the good reviews you see on other blogs and top websites like trustpilot, Quora, etc are influenced. Don’t fall for them, your money is important. You need to spend not scammers.

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From what I have said so far, is Payoneer safe? or Is Payoneer legit? Don’t even tempt to give it a try because you will cry 😭 one day. There are other top alternatives like PayPal and others. Don’t be a fool! Thanks for reading. But please, if you have something to share with us, don’t hesitate to do so, kindly drop your comments or ask questions if you have. Thanks again. STAY AWAY FROM PAYONEER!!!!

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    1. Hi thanks for your contribution. I used Payoneer in a safe way. I didn’t even do any transfer until I receive money from ezoic and they blocked my account. Maybe I should have verify my account before getting money in because when there’s no money in the account, they will approve the verification but when money is in, they will do everything possible to take the money and block the account. I shared my experience with Payoneer and not to attack them. Thanks

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