How To Monetize A Website In Ghana

How To Monetize A Website In Ghana

Details On How To Monetize A Website In Ghana

Do you have a blog or website and wants to monetize it in Ghana? Well that’s cool, you now have the idea to make money from your hard work. There are a lot of ways you can make money your website but the most common one that everybody is aware and works without fail is to monetize it. Now what at all is monetization of a website? It means, putting ads on your website and making money from the clicks, impressions and other actions from your users towards the advertisements. I have been making a lot of money from website monetization in Ghana so today I am going to show you how to monetize a website in Ghana. Let’s started

Top 5 Tricks To Get Your Website Ready For Monetization.

1. Complete your website.

For your website to be ready for monetization, you need to complete it. Ad networks like AdSense, Ezoic, Mediavine, Revcontent and so on will have no difficulties in rejecting your website when it is incomplete. Example; AdSense is having two popular policy violation that many publishers finds it difficult to escape whenever they apply for AdSense. The policy violation are ( Valuable inventory under construction and  Policy violation navigation). These two website problems nowadays are the reason why many websites gets rejected whenever they apply for AdSense. The Valuable inventory under construction means that your website is incomplete and still needs improvement. The second one means that when visitors visit your website, they find it difficult to navigate. Since user experience is the priority of Google, your website will be rejected. The same thing applies to many of the ad networks, the moment they see that your website is not fully completed, the likelihood that you will be rejected will be very high.

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2. Write Good And Quality Contents.

Most of the big and good ad networks require good and quality contents to display their advertisements in. Before you can monetize your website, make sure that your website is free from plagiarism or copyrighted contents and gives information to the readers. It sometimes don’t take more than 2 days to get approved by any ad network when your contents are authentic band genuine.

3. Add Relevant Pages To Your site

You must add relevant and useful pages to your website. Pages like Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, About Us, Disclaimer, Contact Us and others gives your visitors more insight about your website, what you accept and what you don’t accept. This pages will tell any ad network that you are serious and wants to wants to do something with your site.

4. Get Traffic To Your Site.

Traffic is the main reason why ads we place on our websites generate money for us. Other adnetworks also require publishers to reach a certain number of page views limit be they can apply for their ads. But you must bear in mind that there are two types of traffic and have different impact on websites. Read more  Types of traffic here.

How To Monetize A Website In Ghana.

Just like any other country or place. You can monetize your website by applying for ads in any ad network of your choice and when you get approved, ads will be live and you will start generating money from the ads. Placing different types of ads from different ad networks will help boost your revenue.

Common FAQS.

When should I Monetize My Website.

You should consider monetizing your website when

1. Your website is fully completed

2. Your website is free from copyrighted contents

3. Your website gives information to your readers

4. Your website is having all the important pages like Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, About Us, Disclaimer, Contact Us and others.

How Many Views Do I Need To Monetize My Website.

It doesn’t really matter the number of views you get before you monetize your website unless the ad network you want to monetize your website with, demands a certain number of page view limit.

Can Free Website Be Monetized.

Yes free websites can be monetize. Free websites builders like blogger, allow any website that is build on their platform to be monetize. Ad networks like Google AdSense and others also allow free websites to get monetized with them.

Do Websites Make Money Per Click.

It depends on the type of ad network your website is monetized with. AdSense, Adcash, Bidvertiser, Revcontent etc are the types of ad networks that pay website owners when users click on their ads.


I hope your long searching journey on how to monetize a website in Ghana has been ended after reading this article. please don’t forget to leave your comments below. Please avoid links when leaving a comment, Thanks

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