How To Fix Broken Link Preview On Facebook With 5 Steps In 2022

How To Fix Broken Link Preview On Facebook With 5 Steps In 2022

Details On How To Fix Broken Link Preview On Facebook

Facebook is one of main social media platforms that website owners get much traffic from. Irrespective of how your blog is doing well on search engines, you will still need to find a way to get social presence to your blog as there might be some people out there who maybe interested in your service or content.

As the saying goes, everything that has advantage also has disadvantage. As much as you are looking for traffic from Facebook, you may on the way encounter one of the most common issue that most of the bloggers are facing nowadays which is ” link broken preview”.

It always looks very sad and unfortunate when you try to share your article on Facebook and due to your link been broken or other causes, Facebook crawlers wouldn’t be able to preview your image as well as the description for your post. Sometimes it can hinder your leeway to success in blogging especially when you are running a news website and about 90% of your traffic comes from Facebook.  Don’t worry because in this article, I will be taking you through all the necessary steps on how to fix broken link preview on Facebook but before that, just read something small about what I went through when this issue happened to me at first when I decided to do blogging.

 I started blogging with one of my websites called  and nearly stopped blogging  when I encountered this issue because at that time, I knew nothing about SEO and  all my traffic ware coming from Facebook, my contents was also based on local stories because the site is a news website. I searched too hard to find a reputable solution to this problem because if am not able to solve it and remains like that then all my efforts on building a news website will actually be in vane. I tried so many tips and tricks that got found on the web but was not solving it. 

I called my hosting provider to just investigate about this issue because I knew nothing about fixing issues on WordPress not to talk about Facebook which is connected to WordPress. After that, they wrote to me that, they have done a thorough search into my website and everything is fine so literally nothing could be done from their end. I further contacted my SEO plugin support for help and they also did their best and made some recommendations which can help solve this issue, but sadly none worked.

At that point, I said to myself that, this is the end of my blogging career. Lately around 4Pm at that day, I decided to do a live chat with any of the my hosting provider customer online because I always open ticket to reach them. When I tried, fortunately, I got one of the customer support to chat with and his name was Miguel. I explained all that I am going through and he ask me to give him a moment, within  a couple of minutes, Miguel solved it. He further took me through all the steps on how to fix broken link preview on Facebook so that I will also be able to help others like you when you  fall as a victim for this issue. Today, I am going to do nothing but what Miguel thought me in solving this problem so stay tuned.

How To Fix Broken Link Preview On Facebook OR Facebook Link Preview Not Working

First of all, share your blog post link on Facebook and see whether the Facebook crawler can  preview or not. ( But your link must be on Facebook to continue on the steps below)

1.Click on this link and it will take you to the Facebook developers page.

2.Select debugging and paste your link in the space provided.

How To Fix Broken Link Preview On Facebook

3. Click on debug as shown in the picture below and Facebook will bring some details about the link including some of the possible warnings which might be causing this issue.

4. Click on scrap again to receive more deeper details about the issue and this time, the link must bring the preview of your Post.

How To Fix Broken Link Preview On Facebook

5. Go back to your blog, delete or clear both website and browser cache and try to share it again and this should solve the problem.

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Why Is My Link Image Not Showing On Facebook?

There are so many causes of this issue but I will be highlighting some key ones that might be causing this problem on your website and some other alternative method on how to fix broken link preview on facebook.

1.Server response been too slow. Facebook crawlers work in such  a way that, the moment you paste a link on Facebook, they quickly visit your post through the link, crawl and bring out the image and description to show up on Facebook.

2.Not Using the recommended image size for Facebook. Facebook recommend users who to share image of 1200px × 630px 

3.Too much cache.

Try to always clear your website, browser and Facebook cache by the sharing debug tool to allow Facebook crawlers to freshly visit the site and crawl again.

How To Fix Broken Link Preview On Facebook Using Rank Math SEO Plugin.

In most cases, rank math can help you solve this issue when you have tried the first one and didn’t worked as it should. Follow these steps to solve it using rank math.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on rank math and select “Titles and Meta”
  • Click on social and locate ” open graph and twitter card”
  • With the open graph, you can select an image with the recommended size that you want to it to show or replace featured image when you publish an article without featured image and wants to share to Facebook.

When all these steps are not working for you then you should contact your hosting provider to clear the cache on their end and this should solve it.

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Alternative method.. 

(This is somehow for the news website and those websites that are capable of producing 3 to 5 contents a day)
When publishing a new post,

  • Click on rank math symbol
  • Click on social or the share button and a pop will appear with Facebook and Twitter sharing features.
  • Click on add image when there is no image or click on replace image to select an image with the required size.
  • Type your title and description that you want Facebook to display
  • Publish the post if it’s new or  click on update if it was already there .
  • Clear both your website and browser cache and try to share the post to Facebook. This should finally solve the problem and Facebook will be able to display both your image and description in order to attack visitors to your website.

Common FAQs

How do I fix my Facebook link preview?

You can fix this by going to Facebook developers page, select sharing debugger, paste your link and click on debug as I have explain vividly you can solve this plus other alternatives in solving it.


Sharing post to Facebook has so many advantages on website but due to this issue, it turn out to be a disadvantage in sometimes. I hope by the help of this tutorial, you now know how to fix broken link preview on Facebook or how to fix a broken link on facebook. If you find this article helpful, kindly consider leaving a comment below. All suggestions are also accepted but please avoid adding links to your comments or commenting in an advertising way. Thanks for spending your precious time with us

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