[2022] How To Create A Skrill Account In Ghana

How To Create A Skrill Account In Ghana

The Step By Step Process On How To Create A Skrill Account In Ghana

Making money from home is one of the leading ways of making people rich in this country, most especially , those who do online business as a part time job. In this case you would have to find a way to receive money from your online business straight to your bank account or mobile Money wallet in Ghana and the best way of receiving it is through Skrill.

Skrill can help you to do so many online activities such as paying and receiving funds online, buying and selling crypto, transferring and receiving money internationally etc.

Skrill is very important but creating the account sometimes cause confusion as I always receive messages from my readers to cover How To Create A Skrill Account In Ghana.

This first thing as far as blogging is concerned is to make my readers more comfortable and always help them at the right time when in need so into this article, I will be showing you the step by step process on how to create a Skrill account in Ghana

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Phase 1.

1.Go to your browser and type skrill.com and click on the register button straight away.

2. You will be given a form to fill your details as shown in the picture below

a. Type your first name and picture below

b. Choose your country “Ghana” or any other country

c. Enter the email you prefer to use in creating the Skrill account

d. Choose the currency in which you want to operate in (Note: choose the currency wisely because is actually permanent and cannot be changed again.)

e. Type your password and click on the register button ✅.

How To Create A Skrill Account In Ghana

After doing all these things, you will be directed to another phase so follow the steps below to complete it.

Phase 2.

In this phase 2, you will have to set up your verification details by selecting one of the available options provided by Skrill. Normally the options are

i. Pay online

ii. Buy & sell crypto

iii. Send money

these are the options that you would be required to choose one to verify your account. In our tutorial, I will select “Pay Online” as a way to verify our Skrill account.

After selecting our option, there will be another 4 steps you will need to complete to get your account actively working.

1st Step (Explore Skill) follow the below steps to complete.

1. Type your address

2. Provide your city

3. Type your postal code

4. Select your date of birth

5. Type your mobile number

Note : The telephone number must be your own number because a verification code will be sent to it.

6. Click on the next button.

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2nd Step ( Complete Registration)

At this stage, a code that was sent to your telephone number you provided earlier will be needed to complete this second step.

The reason behind this is that, they want to know that you are a human being and check whether the number belongs to you for security reasons.

3rd Step (Add Money)

Remember we chose ” Pay Online” as our option to to verify our account so that is the reason why this stage has appeared or come for us to complete precisely. At this stage , there are a lot of options to add the money into our Skrill account. Options like credit card, bank etc are all the available options to add money into our account.

4th Step is “Ready to pay”

At the Ready to pay stage, you will be given the chance to make any payment that you wish through your Skrill account and your account will be complete.

Things To Do To Enhance The Functionality Of Your Skrill Account.

With the above steps, your Skrill account will be successfully created and will need to do some important things to make your account more eligible for online services. Though your account has been created successfully but  there will be a limit placed on it until you have done the below verification process.

Follow the below steps to remove the limit placed on your account.

1. Go to settings and check whether the information you provided are all correct.

2. Scroll down to  to find very account button and click on it. With this , you will be required to verify your account by providing your national ID or any notable ID to remove the limit on your account.

NOTE : The limit in this context means that though your account has been completed but if you don’t do the above steps to remove limit, then your account can’t transfer as well as receive  money higher than some certain amount.

Common FAQs

Is Skrill available in Ghana?

Yes skrill is available in Ghana and it’s easy to use unlike PayPal. It is also a good alternative to PayPal as it offers all the feature you will need for your online business

How do I verify my Skrill account in Ghana?

You can verify your skrill account by following all the recommended steps I have provided in this article


Skrill is very important and can help us in so many ways. I hope by this article, you now know how to create a Skrill account in Ghana without hustle. Thanks for being patient with us, you may drop your comments but please avoid adding links to that or else your comments will not be approved.

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