Top 5 PayPal Alternatives In Ghana For Online Services

PayPal Alternatives In Ghana

PayPal alternative must be on the priority list on any Ghanaian blogger, digital marketer or any person who wants to send and receive as well as make payment online in Ghana.

Why Should we look for PayPal alternative in Ghana?

 We should look for PayPal alternatives in Ghana because we are on the blacklist of PayPal so we can’t use PayPal convenient as other countries are using. Countries like Nigeria, USA, UK etc are using PayPal as normal as their bank accounts since PayPal don’t restrict them on any part of their services.

PayPal can be use in Ghana , no doubt but not as convenient as others. Despite the fact of us being able to create account and withdraw money doesn’t make us PayPal approved country. As beginners, when we list all these facts, we should be able to find out which electronic money institution can match up PayPal boot for boot in sending, receiving and  paying online especially in Ghana.

Below are the PayPal alternatives In Ghana.

1. Wise Transfer.

Best 3 PayPal Alternatives In Ghana You Can Use

Wise transfer is an authorized electronic money institution which is operated by (FCA) , Financial Conduct Authority, in UK and it is one of the biggest PayPal alternatives in Ghana.

They offer all what is you will need to transfer money, receive and pay online in Ghana.

Wise is of slight difference from PayPal in that, in wise, you can link both bank account and credit cards as PayPal and after that, you can transfer money locally across your link banks and cards unlike PayPal.

2. Payoneer.

Best 3 PayPal Alternatives In Ghana You Can Use

An American online financial service company and it is one of the best PayPal alternatives in Ghana.

With payoneer, you can transfer money, make payments, receive money online, manage your own funds etc.

Payoneer is totally different from PayPal and Ghanaians can use it for their online services conveniently.

You can create an account for free and you are entitled to receive a master card from them which will help you in your transactions in Ghana, you can get up to $25 free bonus when you receive money or payment up to $1000 and many more.

They also provide high security for their customers so using payoneer is safe and comfortable. Payoneer is undoubtedly the best online alternative to PayPal .

3. Skrill

Skrill is one of best PayPal alternatives in Ghana as well as other countries where PayPal has restricted them from using their platform for online services. Fro Ghanaians, Skrill is one of the best option and will comfortably suit everyone because after creating your account successfully, you will get the chance to link your mobile Money wallet so that you can withdraw directly into it regardless of the currency in which you received the money.

Skrill can be used to pay and receive online just like PayPal and other PayPal alternatives that I have mentioned in this article. Skrill posses some features which makes it more convenient for it users especially for Ghanaians. With Skrill, we can link our mobile Money wallet and withdraw funds, buy and sell crypto, deposit, withdraw directly to different bank account, receive and transfer funds internationally etc. I currently prefer Skrill and will recommend it to every Ghanaian who has been searching for PayPal alternatives in Ghana

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Payza formerly Alertpay is another great PayPal alternative you can use in sending, receiving and paying online in Ghana. Payza is free, fast and secure to use in this country. Unlike PayPal, Payza gives you the opportunity to link your your bank account, Bitcoin and credit cards to your account. You can use bank account to fund Payza account or Payza to fund bank account without any hustle. You can also use Bitcoin and credit cards with Payza and can start founding and withdrawing with your Payza account respectfully. This online payment platform was created in 2011 and has been one of the best ever since it came into existence so security is always assured whenever you are using their platform.

5. World Remit (Not much recommended)

With world Remit, you can send and receive money in Ghana at a very low rate. Their services only cover about 100+ countries so definitely not as wide as payoneer and wise.

One thing about word Remit is that, you can send and receive money directly to your mobile money and even can buy  credit with it but as the say goes, every thing has a good and bad site, same as world Remit. I will not recommend it for now because I haven’t use it before. There are a lot of scammers out there who are busily making this platform unpopular by deceiving others to send money and receive twice or trice as the amount they transferred. It is because of you that we are still here so it is a must to protect you once on our website. I will suggest that, you read more about their services before venturing into it.


I hope this article will help to find the best PayPal alternatives in Ghana that best suit you. Kindly leave a comment below if you have or suggest anything. We quickly revert to all messages but please don’t spam the comments section with links otherwise your comment will not be approved. Thanks for being with us.

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