5 Lucrative Business Ideas In Kenya And How To Start

Top 5 Business Ideas In Kenya 2022

Business Ideas In Kenya.

Hi, it’s another great opportunity for me to bring to you the best and profitable business Ideas in this country you can do without any experience. I have been receiving a lot of messages from my readers to cover this topic and today, I  have listed and explain the top 5 business Ideas in Kenya that can make you rich in order to escape the crawlers of poverty. Not only the explanation of it but how to start, brand and cash out. Continue reading.

What is a business Idea?

Business idea is a clue about a specific business that can help you start your own business.

Do you have a clue about a business that can make you reach or help you to live a comfortable life? No I don’t think so because that is why you are here. So without much I do, let’s get straight into some of the profitable business ideas in Kenya.

List Of Business ideas in Kenya

1. Soap Making.

One of the best business ideas in kenya  that citizens can start with low investment and earn high profit at the end. Soap Making had been underrated  especially in Kenya due to the number of people doing it and even to the extent to the misconception that, “poor people are the most ones into this business”. This is not true because there are a lot of rich people who are additionally making money out of this business.

How To Start.

Getting into this business is quite simple as that. You just need an amount of $100 to buy your apparatus and things you need to make the soap provided you already have some little idea about it. You can search on the web for the steps of making soap at whole.

How The Soap Business Can Go Far.


Branding is one of the key factors to expand the reach of your business. If you finish making the soap, consider providing a cover with a lot of labeling like the process in which the soap was made, how to use, how to keep it, your location, your telephone number and many more to reduce the doubts when someone buys your soap.


Another big factor as this is concern. You know, with the Covid-19 gradually taking over the world and collapsing many economies, money has moved far away from the pocket of many individuals so buying something like soap at a high price is probably a ” no option” answer. Nobody will want to buy to buy anything at high price not to talk about soap, so reducing the price as this business is concerned will help.


About 90% of human beings prefer quality over quantity and with regards to soap which is also applied directly to the skin, quality must be assured. This can help you get more customers as well as getting sales.

How much profit you can get.

With this business, if you follow all the above steps well, you can get up to $3000 dollars. Note: it can be higher or lower depending on your quality of work.

2. Computer Repair.

Another big business  when speaking of ” Business Ideas in Kenya ” but somehow requires technological skills. With the technology taking over the world, computer repairing business is Pivotal and help especially in the under developed countries. There are many people out there who are having so many problems with their personal computers but because they don’t have any knowledge about repairing, they might need your help. In Kenya, you can get enough money through computer repairing because there are a lot of people who work with computer day in and day out.

How to start

You need to go to study how to repair computers and other ICT tools or learn from an expert if you know nothing about it and want get yourself into this business. After getting your needed skills and experience, you just need to have a comfortable place to start your business.

How this business can grow.

1. Find a rememberable location to settle.

2. Provide quality service all the time.

3. Offer services at affordable prices.


You can be getting $1000 every month.

3. Restaurant Business.

Restaurant Business is a fast growing business in Kenya. You just need some low investment like $100 and your profit is assured but sometimes it varies. In our local areas, these types of restaurants are there but we classify them as “chop bar” but are small form of restaurants. It depends on how you do your setting in order to get your stars up. To me , I have classified types of restaurants into two. The first one is 1st class restaurant and the second is 2nd class. In other  deep local area, there may be even 3rd to 4th depending on their arrangements, food quality and quantity, location and the country or community itself also count. You must know the kind or type of restaurant you want open so that you can do what is required to be successful.

1st Class restaurant.

This type of restaurant is expensive due to proper setting, food quality, siren environment, luxury house and even qualified workers. You can’t start this business with low investment or investment less than $10,000


1. Comfortable and siren environment.

2. Rememberable location

3. Qualified workers .

4. About $10,000. – $ 20,000

2nd Class restaurant.

Normally we call this type as chop bar because it doesn’t have the quality as first class is having. You can start this business with just $100 , an average environment and some helpers. No certificate needed.

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4 Blogging.

Blogging is one of the most profitable business ideas in kenya you can start and make some decent money online. I know you will be asking yourself that, how is blogging considered as business? The straight answer is that, blogging is considered as business when you start monetizing your website or blog and earn each and every month. They are a lot of professional bloggers out there who are making millions of dollars through blogging.

How to start.

You need a website with all the necessary things like hosting or free hosted like blogger, domain name, ssl certificate, good template etc. to get started.

Choose a niche to work on and write quality posts and when you start getting traffic, apply for monetization on any preferred ad network.

5. Content Writing.

One of the biggest business in Kenya. Keeping content Writing as a business is quite frustrating but can certainly make you rich easily. There are a lot of ways through which one can make money each and everyday writing content. Let’s look at some common way through which you can make money both online and offline writing content.

A. Writing for bloggers.

About 90% of bloggers do the blogging business as a part-time job and want good and experienced content writer like you to write for their websites.

Payment = 100-300 dollars a month

B. Offering Service on Fiverr and Upwork.

You can showcase your talent to the world by offering Service on this two platforms and even others too. Fiverr and Upwork allow freelancers to show the talents they’ve got to the world by offering Services to buyers or people who need a helping hand on any category on their platform. You can make huge money over there but it depends on the type of service you offer and how much you decide to charge after each offer successfully delivered.

Estimated salary 100- 300 dollars a month.


There are a lot of business ideas in Kenya but as you know that we are always here to give our readers the best, we just explained only five which we think is the most profitable. Please kindly leave a comment or ask a question if you have but please do not spam the comments section with links. Thanks for spending your previous time with us.

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