11Online Business In Nigeria That Will Make You Rich

11 Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria Without Investment

Online Business In Nigeria 

Online business in general has been one of the leading way of making money online  especially in this coronavirus pandemic period. Every Nigerian know exactly what happened and according to reports, Nigeria was one of the African countries that was affected much by the Covid 19. Maybe you hadn’t check number of cases we had but frankly speaking, it affected us more than many other African country. Because of this, making money in Nigeria like in the normal times nearly got to impossible. As we all know that without money, we won’t be able to live our normal lives and due to our population, it will be a fair opportunity for us to start engaging ourselves in many of the online businesses and start making some decent money online at the end of the month. But I will like to ask you a small question that, how will you get those businesses online? I believe that has been what you’ve been thinking about but I’m here to tell you that don’t because  If that is what you want then you have landed on the right place because in this article, I will be taking you through most of the profitable online business in Nigeria. 

Tip : kindly read till the end and find the best online business in Nigeria that will suit you and start making some decent dollars online.

1. Be An Online Teacher.

People see this as something that is impossible but I am here to tell you that you can do it in Nigeria if you are really interested. Being an online teacher is very simple because there isn’t any thing like you need masters degree, PhD etc. before you can start. You just need to know how to speak good English, Spelling words accurately and understand the grammar. There are many parents online who wants people like you to teach their kids. Most especially, the Chinese and the Indian parents are busily searching on the web for teachers to teach their kids English. There are others that may want you to teach their kids different courses like mathematics, science etc . That is where some small certification comes in just to certify that you are an expert in that field. But that doesn’t declined the fact that you don’t need certificate to start because even after secondary school, you are eligible directly to get into this interesting business and make some decent money.

2. Blogging.

One of the most easiest and profitable online business in Nigeria . People will ask that, is blogging a business? The straight answer is yes but you need to set things right to know what it takes and how to get things up and running. The reason why I am saying blogging is a business is that, once you start earning from it, you can take that as your job for the rest of your life. There are two types of blogging thus ( Local and Professional). In this case, we are talking about professional blogging because I believe the local is pretty much self descriptive so let get in the professional blogging deeply.

Professional blogging.

This is a type of blogging where the audience to your blogs are more from other countries. In other words,  with this type of blogging, you try to get more audience to your blog outside your country. There are many professional bloggers on the web who are massively making money so you can also do same for a living.

How to start a professional blogging.

To start a blog , you need a beautiful website and choose a niche you will like to work perfectly on. Creating a website can be a bit challenging but you can hire a freelancer to help you. There are many different website builders that you can create your website. Website builders like WordPress, wix, blogger, site 123 etc are perfect place to begin your blogging journey. If you are a beginner then I will recommend you using blogger because it doesn’t need any skills to create your website.

Choosing a niche to work on.

After you have finished creating your website, then it’s time to choose a niche to start. You may ask that, what is a niche? 

A niche is a position  or a broad topic  you will choose where you are much specialized to write good quality contents which will be at the benefit of your readers. For example,

1. Make Money Online niche

2. Travel niche

3. Fashion niche and many more

So let’s assume you have chosen to work on “make money online niche” , then you will be writing on

a. How to make money online

b. Affiliate marketing

c. Passive income

d. Loan companies and others.

But Note: before choosing a niche, you have to be an expert so that you can master that area very well.

After doing all these things perfectly, the next thing to do is to monetize your website under any ad network and start making money from your hard work.

3. Social Media Manager.

One major online business is social media manager. You can be a social media manager for many of the big companies online and get payment at the end of the month. There are a lot of companies online that are searching for peoples like you to manage their social media handles for them. To get this business, you need to be an expert on social media. If you are interested, you can take this as an advantage and make some decent money.

4. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online business in Nigeria that is undoubtedly making people rich in this country. There are many online stores that are looking for affiliates who can drive traffic to their website and buy their products so that the affiliate like you will get commission in return. Online stores like Jumia, Kikuu, Amazon etc. wants people to help them by promoting their products to your audience and increase their sales.

How Affiliate marketing is done. ( Let’s choose Fiverr affiliates as an example because I have been working with them for the past few years)

Follow the following if you want to join Fiverr affiliates

  1. Go to fiverr.com and Scroll down till you see sign up as an  affiliate and click on it.
  2. Follow the sign up prompts till you get a link to verify your account.
  3. Now you are done so you will have the chance to go to affiliates dashboard.

In your dashboard, you will to given some links to promote (which means, you will have to integrate these links in your articles to drive traffic to Fiverr).

Note: in Fiverr, the sales you make will determine the amount or commission you will get.

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5. Be a YouTuber.

Infect, YouTubers are making a lot of money on their videos. According to statistics, YouTubers get $10 – $20 per just 1000 views so if a YouTuber gets 1 million views then critically the person will be getting somewhere around $10,000 – $50,000 so you can see how profitable this business is. It the best Online Business In Nigeria, though it is very frustrating as a beginner YouTuber , I know but I can tell you that, you can be successful if you really know what you are doing. Good content is they key to getting more views. Try this business out and also enjoy the money some YouTubers are getting through your hard work.

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6. E – Commerce.

Another classic online business in Nigeria. As you can see that our country is considered as one of the biggest in Africa in terms of population so it will be a fair opportunity for us to make money through E – Commerce business.

How to do E – Commerce business in Nigeria.

Specifically, this business is purely for those who already sell products or willing to open a supermarket as far as this online business is concerned. Now to start this business, just get these tips at the back of your mind.

  • Create an E – Commerce website.
  • Create beautiful banners of your products on your website.
  • Allocates the prices to the various products as you sell in your supermarket.
  • Allow multiple payment methods to widened your capacity of get more sales.
  • Encourage Affiliate marketing of your products in order to reach more people through your affiliates.

Make sure your website is indexed well in search console to break your boundaries and expand your market as well as your sales.

When all these things are correctly done, I believe you can make a living even beyond your expectations.

7. Sell photos online.

Another big online business in Nigeria that you can engage yourself in. The truth behind this is that, you can make a living selling photos online. There are websites that will allow you to sell your photos and make your some decent amount of money from it so if you have photos and want to sell then quickly take this as an advantage of making extra money online.

8. Write for Scooper.

There are many companies or news websites that pay writers for their great articles they provide for them and one of those that I am talking about is Scooper. Scooper is one of the best Online Business In Nigeria  as they pay writers for their contents they provide and also pay for clicks and impressions generated. Generally, they pay $0.8 dollars for the article alone before  further payments( but, those further payments will depend on how you article will be relevant to their readers). You can join other publishers under this network and make some decent money. 

Tip. One problem their publishers are currently having is that, they don’t don’t accept articles on time which is very bad. For example; if you choose to write on news and present a news article for them on 16th, they will accept it on 31st or even 5th of the next month which critically reduce the relevancy of your article. So if you really want to make money fast then I will advise not to join them but if you can wait then venture into this online business.

9. Social Media Marketing Manager

One of best online business in Nigeria is social media marketing manager. There are many business on the web who needs people like you to help them drive traffic from the various social media platforms to their businesses. If you are an expert on marketing on social media then you can also do social media marketing for many online businesses. Different companies in Nigeria here needs people to employ them as their social media marketing manager so if you are interested then never loose hope, try get into this interesting business.

Salary = $5,000 – $ 10,000/ month

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10. Fiver

I believe you have heard about Fiverr before. One of the best way you can earn extra money online from your talent. Nigerians are heavily engaging themselves into this business since it takes less experience to start earning from this platform. You can also try and get into this business.

What you can do on Fiverr.

There are many things you can do on Fiverr and earn thousands of dollars. Things like Content writing, web designing, SEO services, Graphic design, Audio transcription etc. are gigs that you can explore in on Fiverr. It totally depends on  what you can do or your talent so kindly Carry yourself and know your abilities before you start on Fiverr business.

11. Web design

Are you a web designer or you know how to optimize website for better SEO results? If yes, then grab this business opportunity. Do you know that, there are many companies who finds it difficult to show their products and services to the world through Google and other search engines, even some needs website designers like you to help them design their websites to suit the services. If you are one of the expert as far as web designing is concern then hurry up and grab this opportunity. You can search on Google and nock them through their email and ask for employment and surely per your CV, they will employ you easily because they are busily searching.

Estimated monthly Salary = $3,000 – $5,000


Nigeria is considered as one of the biggest in terms of population in Africa so it will be fair opportunity for us to get ourselves into online businesses and make some money online. This article covered  online business in Nigeria . With all due respect, I strongly believe that you are satisfied with the topic ‘ Online business in Nigeria’ because I have go down to the root for proper understanding. I will be happy if you consider to share this article with your friends on various social media platforms and leave comments. Thanks for reading.

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