How To Solve Valuable Inventory No content In Adsense [guide]

Valuable Inventory No content In Adsense

Valuable Inventory No content In AdSense : Google AdSense has been very strict nowadays so getting approval is getting close to impossible especially to those websites with a lot of problems like; website under construction, bad navigation, plagiarized contents, etc. In order to get AdSense Approval, you have to work hard on your site because how would it affect AdSense if they decide not to accept any other publisher into their system again. I believe it wouldn’t affect them that much because there are already millions of publishers who are under their network and are always ready to provide good quality contents for AdSense to display their advertisements in. So we need to be the best in all aspects, even if we can’t, we must be close to it especially in content producing to avoid Valuable inventory:  No content as a reply from AdSense quality team after applying for AdSense.

This article is for you so please don’t go anywhere because in this article, I will be showing you the best way to fix this violation so kindly read till the end.

What is Valuable Inventory No content In AdSense

Valuable inventory No content in Google AdSense is a policy violation in AdSense which is given to determine websites with insufficient content. This message is given to websites owners as a reply when they apply for AdSense. Your website might contain 30-40 but still it is possible to get this violation because of one thing I will talk more about it as we go down this article. Always make sure your website have enough good quality contents before you apply for AdSense.

What are the causes of Valuable Inventory No content In AdSense?

There are many different causes of this violation e.g.. Slow website speed, insufficient contents, plagiarized contents, bad user interface, etc. But honestly, the main cause of this policy violation is lack of contents or insufficient quality contents. I have seen many sites on the web saying that, you can get AdSense Approval with just 2-4 posts on your website, wow, that is amazing but the truth is about just 2% out of 100% because AdSense always look for sufficient content in order to display bunch of advertisements in it. AdSense needs quality so what you have to do is just to produce contents of about 500-2000 words per each article to get AdSense up and running on your website.

How to solve  Valuable Inventory No content In AdSense?

Content is really a king when it comes to applying for AdSense. When you get this message from AdSense then, the quality team if AdSense is telling you that, hey, your website is not having enough quality contents to be accepted into our ad network. It is really frustrating, I know because I have been a victim of that before and very simple to solve, just follow the steps below to fix it. SEE THREADS IN ADSENSE COMMUNITY

1 produce about 20-30 quality contents

2. Make sure that your website speed is optimized.

3. Make sure your site is having good user interface and also privacy, terms, about us and disclaimer.

4. Index all your blog post without any issues.

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One Common Practice That Is Key And Guarantee 80% chance of AdSense Approval and rejection is


Indexing is very key to AdSense Approval and also can be key to AdSense rejection.

Let’s explain the statement above.

Indexing as a key to AdSense Approval.

When you submit your website for AdSense team to review it, they check whether your site is successfully indexed or not before any other checks.  I know you will as ask that why? The reason is , per webmaster policies, it stated in it that, duplicate content wouldn’t be allowed to get indexed and this alone can determine the quality status of your posts and will definitely encourage rejection. But when all your blog posts are indexed, then it means your articles are unique and therefore you stand a greater chance to get AdSense Approval.

Indexing as a key to AdSense Violation.

Simply put, it means that your posts have quality issues which is preventing Google to index so definitely, you don’t qualify for AdSense. Note that, AdSense always want quality contents so if your contents are not unique then you stand a greater chance to get rejected.


Receiving valuable inventory no content in AdSense is really frustrating if you are eager to get AdSense Approval. I strongly believe that these tips can help you solve this AdSense Violation hands down. If you really find this information helpful, kindly leave a comment below and I will quickly revert to you. Thanks for reading

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