How To Solve Low Value Content In Adsense

How To Solve Low Value Content In Adsense

How to solve Low Value Content In AdSense : Google AdSense has been leading ad network in the industry. It has been the first choice of many advertisers in the act of promoting their products to the world through millions of different publishers from different countries around the world. For advertisers or those who wants to advertise with AdWords, click here but in our case, we are going to talk about one of the most common problem that many publishers keeps on experiencing when trying to get in Google AdSense and that is low Value Content.

Publishers are always interested in showing ads on their websites   due to the massive revenue they generate through those advertisements and also it encourages them to always produce good quality contents to solve so many queries on the web. It is always frustrating when you apply for Adsense and get  this message as a reply from the AdSense team, so in this article, we will be going through the step by step process on how to solve this issue.

#1. What does ‘Low value Content’ in AdSense mean?

It means that there is no value and your contents does not have any positive impact on the queries on the web. Also your website does not contain quality contents. Google AdSense needs quality contents in order to display their advertisements in it. The requirements nowadays of Google AdSense in content wise is very strict because almost all the advertisers in Google AdWords needs quality contents to display their products to your audience. I believe you are still wondering and will be asking yourself that ,

What is a quality content? 

Quality content refers to a content that is free from plagiarism and offers value to your audience.

#2. How to Solve Low Value Content In AdSense?

I believe that you are a victim of that, isn’t it. By the way, don’t be afraid of anything because this is not a crime. I have been a victim for this issue before so I am talking from my experience I had with solving this issue. Most of the websites will tell you to delete your contents on your website and write different one and apply again but that isn’t the best way I think. Just that you need to clarify things for AdSense to know that, you website doesn’t contain plagiarized contents. I believe with good quality contents, I have talked more about that so quickly let’s go through the process in solving this problem.

1. Change the title of your posts.

AdSense team always looks for quality. If you truly believe that, you wrote your contents on yourself or hired a freelancer to write it uniquely for you then this option will be best for you. You can decide to change the whole title entirely or just change some words in it.

2. Change your website template or theme.

Changing your website template or theme can be a bit challenging if you really love the template of your site. Changing your template is really key in solving the low Value Content issue in AdSense because I tried and it worked for me.

3. Choose the right labels or tag for your posts.

Many people finds this difficult to do this but it isn’t that difficult. I think it comes to count when you don’t really know exactly what you are writing about. Choosing the right Tags in this context means that, your article should correspond to the label. Example; If you are writing about Google AdSense approval tips then your tag or label should be ‘AdSense’ as simple as that.

4. Make sure all your posts are correctly indexed by Google. Indexing is the most important thing to solve Low Value Content In AdSense. Google AdSense will only accept websites that is getting traffic from search engine or getting Organic traffic. If your posts are indexed with no issues then you stand a chance to get AdSense Approval.

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Note: You can decide not to change your template if you love it and wait for 2 weeks while producing some good quality contents and then reapply.

Let’s look at some common FAQ’s in Google AdSense.

1.What type of Content do I need to qualify for AdSense?

As I have already said, you need to have quality contents in order to qualify for AdSense otherwise, it is likely to get low value content. Just imagine a website full of images ad that website wants to qualify for AdSense (how can that be possible), because AdSense has already said that, they will not be showing advertisements on a page where there is no content no matter the condition. So every page on your site should contain contents with value to your audience and has to be long and unique. Without these things, you are likely to get rejected.

2. How many posts do you need to quality for AdSense?

You need to have at least 15 – 20 quality posts on your website to qualify for AdSense . Don’t let any person or website mislead you that, there is a fix number of post to get AdSense Approval. Even the 15 – 20 Posts doesn’t guarantee an approval due how hard it has been to get into AdSense nowadays. The key point that I think can give you a 60% advantage is that, you should have good quality contents on site, if you don’t have, then you stand a greater chance to be rejected.


Beloved visitors, I strongly believe that you now know how to deal with Low value content in AdSense. I want to get into the stance of perfect so of you know another step of solving this issue, kindly share with us or leave a comment If you have. Thank for spending your precious time to read this helpful article.

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