How To Make Money Online In Nigeria [10 ways]

Top 9 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Wow, it is another great opportunity for me to present to you steps on how to make money online in Nigeria so that at least you can make $300 dollars a month provided you follow what I am going to present to you in this article. I know it is not easy to make money online but in this blog, everything is possible because of how experience I am in terms of making money both online and offline. Nigeria is considered as one of the biggest country in Africa therefore anything that makes money has a lot of competition but guess what, you’ve got some alternatives to all those things. I know you have been reading so many things and articles searching for the right steps to get you started but it seems you are yet to find the best but today I  want to tell you that, these steps are really working and when you follow with passion, there is no doubt you can make a lot of money in Nigeria.

#1. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable and legitimate way of making money online. People don’t value it in this country but others are making thousands of dollars each and every month through affiliate marketing. There are a lot of online markets and stores that offer affiliate program for users to start making money by promoting their products on different platforms. Online stores like Jumia, KiKuu, Africart, ebay and other  popular affiliate programs like wakanow, konga, etc will allow you to place their widgets and products on your Facebook page, groups, websites etc. to increase their sales and give you a share of it as a commission for your influence.


  • 1. Some companies don’t require a website before allowing you to start or accept you.
  • 2. You can make not less than $500 a month.
  • 3. It doesn’t require any experience to start.


  • 1. It is difficult to start especially when it is your first time
  • 2. You need to have a strong social media or online presence

#2. Blogging.

Blogging is one of the most famous ways to make money online in Nigeria. Sometimes I become very sad when I hear that blogging isn’t profitable. Because of my experience in blogging, I can boldly say that it is the best and legitimate way to make money online. Though you won’t take it easy when you start as a beginner as there will be a lot of technical challenges and more but when you start making money out of it, you will just love it. There are different ways of monetizing you blog aside placing of ads. According to stats, beginner bloggers make between $10-$50 monthly in their first 6 months of blogging, experience bloggers with a lot of visitors makes between $100-$3,000 every month so you can see how profitable it is.


  • 1. It is profitable as it can make you at least $400 a month
  • 2. It doesn’t require any certificate to start
  • 3. There are a lot of ways you can make money out of your blog aside ads.


  • 1. It requires a least $40 to start if you want to start a proper blog and make money.
  • 2. It is quite frustrating when you start as a beginner
  • 3. You need to provide quality contents in order to make decent money.

#3. open a YouTube channel

YouTube is another great way to make money online in this country. YouTubers makes huge amount from their hard work on the YouTube. According to reports, the number of YouTube users in this country is projected to reach 11.99 million bud the end of 2025. This clearly tells how YouTube is growing in our country. YouTube again is the second most popular social media platform after Facebook with 1.9 billion users every month. YouTube can make you rich provided you create quality contents and gets more views.


  • 1. It is easy to start.
  • 2. It doesn’t require any initial fee .
  • 3. You can get as much as $10,000 when your content gets huge number of views.


  • 1. Difficult to get subscribers if you don’t have strong social media platforms or followers.
  • 2. Difficult for your channel to grow if you lack quality video creating qualities.

#4. Sell On E-commerce Websites.

Have you heard about the opportunity of making money online by selling on E-commerce Websites? if yes then by now you know how profitable it is but in case you this is your first time of hearing it, then I am here to recommend it to you. Selling items on E-commerce Websites is one of the greatest way you can make decent money online in Nigeria. Some websites will allow you to do freelance Services on their platform, others will also allow you to sell items on their platform so that they can get some small commission on your sales. Sites like, Fiverr, Upwork, ebay, KiKuu, etc. will allow you to make money online by selling on their platforms.


  • 1. It is easy to start
  • 2. Easiest way of making money online.
  • 3. Payments are on monthly basis.


  • 1. Some websites commission rate are higher especially those that allow individuals to sell items on their platform.
  • 2. It needs a lot of time.
  • 3. You need to be 100% committed

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#5. Testing Apps And Websites.

Testing Apps and websites is just the  simplest and fastest way of making money online but it needs a vigilant person to succeed because of the emergence of fraudsters into this business. Though it is legit and can make you $200 every month even as a beginner but if you don’t take care, you will end up working for different site owners for free.

Why do website and Apps owners want you to test their apps for them.

User experience is one of the most important things companies consider when they use their websites and apps to sell their products. With good user experience, they can increase their sales by multiple times. Because of this, they will need you to test their app and Websites and give your feedback so that they can improve upon to ensure users comfortability.


  • 1. Easiest way to make money online in Nigeria.
  • 2. Requires less time.
  • 3. You can use smart phone to test it.


  • 1. Most companies don’t pay after testing.
  • 2. Difficult to reach the minimum threshold.
  • 3. Payment methods are mostly limited.

#6. Publish Books Online.

 One great opportunity to make money online in Nigeria is to publish Books Online. In fact venturing Into this business can be your major source of income each and every month. If you have good writing skills and can give detailed description of a certain topic, write interesting stories, etc. I will encourage you to venture into this business and begin to make some decent amount every month. Online books publishing sites like okadbooks, allow individuals like you to make money online by publishing books, short stories and many more.


  • 1. It is easy and the fastest way to make money online in Nigeria if you have good writing skills.
  • 2. It does not take long to monetize your content like others.
  • 3. Payments are real.


  • 1. It requires a lot of time if you really wants to publish quality contents.
  • 2. It needs creativity and consistency.

#7. Virtual Tutor.

Virtual teaching is another great way to earn some decent amount of money online. You can become a virtual Tutor to help individuals by teaching them what they want to know. This online money making strategy is profitable for individuals who are experts in specific areas or subjects and can teach others well without any mistakes. Teaching online is quite frustrating as a beginner because those who will show interest will need to know more about you, your CV and certificate to justify that indeed you a master of that subject or field.



  • 1. You need to have a certificate for justification.
  • 2. You need to be a master of that field.

#8. Freelance Work.

Freelancing is a great way for individuals to showcase their talents and make money out of it. Freelancers are making huge amount of money each and every month in this country. Do you know how to design a website, write good content, digital marketing, social media marketing, etc. then I will encourage you to make money out of it by offering your services to others online. There are also several online platforms that gives the opportunity for others to utilize their platform to do freelance Services and make money. Platforms like Fiverr , Upwork and others makes it easy to do freelance Services by exposing your skills and abilities to their customers. Doing freelance Work is very easy and simple and can also make you $300 each and every month. It is one of the greatest way to make money online in Nigeria


  • 1. You can work at the comfort of your home.
  • 2. With the help of famous platforms like Fiverr, Upwork etc. getting clients to work with is easy.
  • 3. There is no limit in freelance Work.


  • 1. You may need a laptop to do freelance work and earn money.
  • 2. It needs creativity and consistency

#9. Write contents For Bloggers.

Bloggers who do blogging as a part-time job are all round looking for good and skillful content writer like you to produce contents for their websites on daily basis. Unlike SEO blog, news blogs that get about 90% of their traffic from social media hire peoples to write contents for them due to how high demanding then news blogging is. This serves as a great opportunity for those who don’t have websites but has decided to make money online in Nigeria through content writing. You can contact any of the news website of your choice and ask them if they would like to work with you and if you are lucky, they will accept you as their author and pay you each and every month.


  • 1. You just make money online each and every month from the comfort of your home.
  • 2. You can take that as a one-time job because payments are mostly high.


  • 1. Sometimes payments are low if the website you are working with is relatively small.
  • 2. It needs more time and consistency.

#10. Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is another way discovered to make money online in Nigeria. If you really know how the various social media algorithm works, you can develop a strategy to help companies grow their business. There are a lot of companies who are looking for peoples to help them discover new customers through social media.


  • 1. It is one of the fastest and easiest way of making money online.
  • 2. Payments are high.


  • 1. It needs a lot of time
  • 2. Creativity is required to achieve success.

Wrapping Up.

There you have it. There are a lot of different ways to make money online in Nigeria just that most of them are not legit. I have been making a lot of money online so I always share what works for my readers to be financially free. I know for sure that these 10 ways can help you make your first money online in this country if only you do it with passion and seriousness. Drop your comments or questions if you have and I will quickly reply to your comment but please don’t add links. Thanks for reading.

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  1. These are really top 9! I really appreciate your effort in this article! In addition to the virtual teacher, you can also make money with a virtual friend.

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