Low Cost Business Ideas With High Profit [Best 6]

Best 6 Low Cost Business Ideas With High Profit

Low Cost Business Ideas With High Profit: Billions of businesses have been affected by this Covid 19 pandemic. Due to that, most of the business managers have loose a lot of money which as a result, have led to the collapse of many businesses. Billionaires and millionaires have now taken over because of lack of money or finance on the part of those are not recognize in money wise or those who are willing to start their own small business. God willing, the COVID-19 cases in some countries are down and with that, everybody can  do his or her own business without any restrictions. Before starting a business, there some questions you need to ask yourself. Questions like how much profit will you get from this business, how far can this business reach, how can you get customers to the business, where are you going to start your business and will that place help grow your business? All these questions must be asked to ensure how well you are prepared to start. But before that, what at all is a business idea?

Per my experience, I will explain business idea as a concept that is used usually to generate revenue, based on a product or service.

There are many different business ideas online but how will you identity the most profitable ones. Are you looking for the most profitable business ideas online? Then you have landed on the right page because in this article, I will be walking you through some Low cost business ideas with high profit. If you are ready then let’s get into it.

6 Low Cost Business Ideas With High Profit

1. Computer Teaching Center.

This is one of the easiest business but have the potential to earn more money. To do this business, you need to be an expert in computing and other relating devices. With the internet taken control of this world, you can take on to yourself to teach others how important the internet can be.

How To Start This Business.

To start this business, you will need a powerful computer, a center or some container ,proper internet connection and you have to be an expert as far as computer and internet are concern. You can teach people how to make money online, how to create a website to generate revenue, how important is it to engage yourself the computer world etc. All these are courses others would want to learn to live their lives. But in doing this, you must set a price for each course and I promise you that you can earn a lot.

How Much Can You Earn From This Business.

As I said earlier, you have to set a price, maybe according to the course’s difficulty or time expected to complete. Now imagine you are teaching 4 courses in a month and you are charging a fee of 500 dollars for each course, then you are getting close to 2000 dollars a month which is not bad. You can even earn more than this depending on the amount you will charge per course..

2. Offering Dating Tips.

A fantastic and easy  low cost business ideas with high profit you can engage yourself in to earn a lot of money. Maybe you don’t see it as a source of money but let me tell you that, a lot of people are making money out of it both in ‘one to one situation’ and ‘online’. Are you an expert in dating and finding it difficult to earn massively from it? Alright, don’t worry, because we are going to take care of it in this article. Many of you would think that, once you are dating and your partner is capable of giving you money then probably you are earning from it. Am laughing, but not because what you are thinking is funny but rather that isn’t the one am talking about. For your opinion, what I think about it is that, you are getting that money from your partner because she/he thinks ‘it is a responsibility’ or ‘ doing what to make you feel comfortable’. Do you know something? You can turn those experience you’ve gotten in dating  into a daily job which will always pack money into your account to ensure the comfortability of your life without depending on anybody. Please let’s use our abilities to make money until these opportunities are gone. I hope you are getting my point, okay then I want to ask you a simple question. Are you an expert in terms of dating? If yes, then let’s quickly jump into the two main ways to make money from this business.

The two main ways to make money from offering Dating Tips are

1. Online

2. One to one situation

It seems it sounds familiar right, okay wait and let me explain these ways because it works without fail.


 You can search to verify that, one of the most searched keyword on the web is ‘dating tips’. There are many blogs offering dating tips for free and you can do same. These blogs that you see in this niche, are extremely making a lot of money despite offering the tips for free. I hope you have heard about ads, monetization etc, all these are sources these websites are earning from. Because they are experts, they know some valuable tips that when you use, it will refresh your relationship. Due to this, their audience keeps growing and one in blogging is that, the higher your audience or views, the more money you make or earn. You can also start your website and offer some dating tips based on your experience and you will earn a living.

✓One to One 

There are many people out there, who are making money through this type of business. I know by now, you maybe asking yourself that how is this possible? It sounds like a joke right, but others are doing it through their social media platforms. You can advertise your business, focusing on how to keep a strong relationship and you will make it. The rate at which relationships are collapsing nowadays are higher and on that, I think is the reason why the keyboard ‘dating tips’ are highly searched. All the visitors are victims of that so take is an an advantage to make money from them.

3. Dance Classes.

The fact with this smart low cost business ideas with high profit is that, it doesn’t require any investment as the name even talk about itself. Especially in Africa, this is one of the main business many talented dancers are benefiting on. African countries like Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, etc, are countries that valued this type of business. Even in Europe, there are many dancer who have open their doors to admit new and willing people who want to learn how to dance. This can be a real source of income as there no difference when you compare it to schools admitting students. Also , there are many occasions where dancers are hire to come and dance to entertain the audience. So when you look at this low cost business idea  critically, you can see that, there are many ways dancing can park money in your account. If you are a person who charge higher, you can earn as much as 7000 dollars a month.

How to start?

You may think that, this doesn’t require any strategies but I want to tell you that, you need to plan before. No amount of money is required, just your abilities and passion to do it. To star this business, you need just a center, speakers and music that you can dance with. But mind you, you must have the talent before attempting.

4. Gym center business.

One of the best low cost business ideas with high profit.  Always keep fit. This has been one of the core factor of long life in recent years according to research. According to research, exercising your body regularly, helps your system to resist any disease it comes into contact with. With this review, many people have taken that an advantage to make money out of hugely. You can also start doing this business. Infarct, it is one of the best low cost business idea with high profit.

How to start?

To start this business, you will need some small amount of money , proper apparatus available, a center to start and some speakers just to play some music to entertain your customers. You don’t need any experience to start so you can go ahead to do provided you have all what I have mention.

How much you can earn?

Per my experience, when you entertain your customers during training with the hottest music in town, you will get more customers resulting to high profit. Imagine if you are charging 60 dollars per hour, and fortunately you got 40 customers willing to spend 4 hours each, how much can you earn? About 7000 dollars a month wouldn’t be that bad. So it is highly profitable.

5. Affiliate marketing

You can earn as much as 2000 dollars in affiliate marketing. I have a full article which explains Affiliate marketing, best affiliate marketing, High paying affiliate marketing, high commission affiliate marketing etc. Kindly click here to know more.

6. Food Catering

It is clear that, human beings cannot live without eating. With this business, the amount of money you will need wouldn’t be that big but will always have the potential to give you more profit. Occasions like birthdays, weddings, executive meetings etc, offer food for their program and Carters are the ones in charge. The main reason why we picked this as one of the low cost business idea with high profit is because, you just need a kitchen, some cooking utensils , the food stuffs and some two helpers. So looking at this idea critically, you can see that, you don’t need any huge money before you start. With catering, you can earn 5000 dollars a month provided you are good in cooking.


This article covered the most profitable Low Cost Business Ideas With High Profit. If you have any questions kindly drop it in the comment session below.

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