6 Banks In Ghana That Accept PayPal

Banks In Ghana That Accept PayPal

Things are now moving on the right direction as Ghanaians have also seen the importance of spending their precious time on the internet and making some decent amount of money. Are you a digital marketer or you have a blog like mine and you want to monetize it? Then PayPal might be one of the best option for you to get paid from your hard work done. Ad networks like propeller ads, media.net, Wordads etc all pay publishers via PayPal.(Note: Wordads are only for WordPress users). But as Ghanaians, how do we deal with PayPal services since Ghana is on the blacklist of PayPal. Today we are coming to talk more about PayPal Ghana. Kindly continue reading till the end in order to be successful with PayPal while in Ghana.

#1. PayPal Ghana.

PayPal doesn’t accept Ghana and so do not expect Ghanaians services but that doesn’t mean that we cannot use PayPal for our online services or withdraw money from it. There are several ways of creating a legit PayPal account in Ghana but few of them works perfectly. Most of you claims to have created a PayPal account and still haven’t been able to withdraw money from their account, if that is so then you did a mistake in creating the account. You can send us a message through [email protected] for us to create a legit and verified PayPal account for you at just 40 cedis. You can check this website “thetimesgh.com”, it is been monetize with ezoic and they pay me via PayPal so I am talking from my experience. Using PayPal as a Ghanaian is a bit frustrating but there are Banks In Ghana That Accept PayPal services

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#2. Best Banks In Ghana That Accept PayPal.

There are many different banks in Ghana here that accept PayPal services. But ( Note: not  the banks directly but rather their visa cards). One of the banks that you can use their visa card is Access Bank.

1. Access Bank

Access bank is one of Banks In Ghana That Accept PayPal. Using Access Bank visa card makes it easy to withdraw your PayPal money easily. For you to get access bank card, just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to any Access Bank branch and create an account.
  2. They will request for your name, ID cards like voter, driving license etc., Passport, email and other verbally particulars. 
  3. After  creating your account, they will collect an amount of 50 cedis to get you started.
  4. Request a visa card ( the visa card won’t be given to you right there but rather 2 or 3 days after).
  5. You card will be given to you, and after that link your card to your PayPal account. Note: they will deduct 5 cedis every month for the visa card you collected for your bank account.

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2. Commercial Bank.

Undoubtedly the biggest bank in Ghana. They don’t accept PayPal directly but rather through their visa card. Follow the same steps as Access Bank to get your card.

3. Stanbic Bank.

This bank also is among the Banks In Ghana That Accept PayPal. Though they seemed as an under dog in Ghana but the fact is the that, it is one of the biggest bank in Ghana currently. To get your visa card, you need to create an account, deposit some amount of money in it and request for a card. Unlike Access Bank, in Stanbic Bank, your visa card maybe ready within few minutes after requesting and after that, you can link it with PayPal successfully.

4. Calbank.

Another best bank in Ghana to talk of is calbank. Their cards are genuine and can link to your PayPal account very easily provided you have some amount in your account.

Note: In all the above listed banks, you need to have some money in your account or your credit card before you can link it to PayPal, they one of the best banks in Ghana that accept PayPal. I didn’t recommend UBA bank because I have tried and it didn’t worked as others are busily writing about on my websites and making videos on  YouTube channels.

5. Ecobank

Ecobank is another bank that allow users or customers to use their cards to fund or withdraw from PayPal. They currently operates in 36 different countries in Africa which makes them one of the biggest banks on the continent of Africa. Their credit cards can be used to link to a PayPal account for withdrawal, Pay Online as well as receive money internationally.

6. Fidelity Bank Of Ghana.

Fidelity bank is amongst the best banks in Ghana that accept PayPal. Linking their credit cards to PayPal account is the easiest thing to do unlike other credit cards. However, they also allow customers to pay online with their credit cards. According to reviews, when you link fidelity bank cards to PayPal, withdrawal is faster more any other bank credit cards.

#3. How to withdraw money from PayPal in Ghana.

The main problem many people are having now is how to withdraw their PayPal money. Don’t be worried if you find yourself in this situation because in this part of the article, I will be taking care of that so stay connected. Let’s try to understand and follow the below steps.

There are two ways to withdraw money from PayPal account, one is by bank account and the other is by a credit card. The much convenient way is the bank as you just need to provide your bank details and the money will be directed to your account but unfortunately for Ghanaians, we are not part as other countries. People may ask that why? The straight reason is, PayPal detected some fraudulent acts on behalf of both Ghana and Nigeria on visa cards. Due to that, they blocked the two countries from taking part of their services for sometime but fortunately for Nigerians, they were removed leaving Ghana together with some countries. As from that point, we aren’t able to use PayPal comfortably as other countries. Today we have found a method of withdrawing from PayPal despite being blocked by PayPal and that is by credit or visa card.

2. Link your visa card with PayPal.

I have already talked about the Banks In Ghana That Accept PayPal and  best visa cards for your withdrawals. This is the crucial stage in PayPal withdrawal in Ghana. If you are not able to link your card successfully, then it will be very difficult to withdraw from PayPal. Don’t miss these simple steps to link your visa card successfully in PayPal.

  • Select the type of card (whether master or visa card).
  • Type the 14 digit numbers on your card under the card number session.
  • Enter the expires date on the card.
  • Enter your CCV code (thus the secret code on your card and it’s only three digits).
  • Press on “link card” and wait for it to process.

After the processing is done, you will receive a message from PayPal that, they will send you a message with a pin code within 5 business days to verify your card and surely it will arrive. So when you get the pin, you will be required to enter it to verify your card. When the verification is done successfully, then huraaa! You can now send money from PayPal to your bank account through your visa card.


This article covered PayPal Ghana, Banks in Ghana that accept PayPal or suitable visa cards for PayPal withdrawal in Ghana and how to link your visa card to PayPal for successful withdrawal. I hope this article is the solution to your problems concerning PayPal in Ghana. If you have any questions kindly leave it on the comments session or contact us any assistance for free. Thanks for staying with us for these couple of minutes.

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