Top 7 Affiliate Marketing In Indonesia With High Commission

Top 6 Affiliate Marketing In Indonesia With High Commission

Affiliate Marketing In Indonesia.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of business marketing which gives rewards to individuals for directing visitors to their business through their own effort. For the past few years, affiliate marketing have been one major factor to make money online and still in the race of making people rich without any hard work or investment.

It will be a fair opportunity for Indonesians to make money through affiliate marketing since Indonesia is considered as one of the biggest as far as businesses are concerned.

Are you looking for the best affiliate marketing in indonesia with high commission rate? Then I am here to inform you that, you have landed on the right page at the right time because in this article, I will be walking you through the best affiliate marketing with high commission rate in Indonesia. Are you ready? Let’s get into it.

NOTE: This article is not supported by any of the business we are going to talk about. On this website, we are always dedicated to provide you with accurate and perfect information so try to always turn to us anytime you need such educative information. Our analysts have researched deeply and have finally come out with this article so this article is clean.

List Of The Best Affiliate Marketing In Indonesia


Wow! Have you heard about this name before, no ,I think this answer will be for for the newbies to affiliate marketing in Indonesia. This might be because, the name sounds too strange, is that not it? Don’t worry, I am here to tell and introduce to it. Any of you who have heard about Amazon before, it’s no different to TOKOPEDIA. It is one of the biggest in terms of selling goods from electronics to Designer Wear. The website promise to give a commission of 25% when a person buys an item through your affiliate link. They currently have items of about 10M in their catalog making them one of the biggest and serious online market.


Exclusive, fantastic… Just add yours. One of the biggest brand and notes for selling parenting products. Currently, goods over there are only for children up to 8 years. It’s outlets are about 1200 through 56 countries and how has hit Indonesia big time.

Since children are produced hugely each and every day, their products have also risen from grass to grace. You can trust this affiliate program because it was founded in 1961 and  always living to it’s billing.

If your blog or platform audience are  parents, you can try this out. They are well equipped with all children’s product to make parenting just and easy task. Don’t forget that, your 7% commission rate is assured if a user buys an item through your link.


People in Indonesia have been worrying about LAZADA for a very long time but I am here to inform you that, LAZADA is back in Indonesia so you should not worry again.

If you have come across”LAZADA” or read about it before, you would realize that, it is one of the biggest online shopping market in may countries including Indonesia. They currently have all types of products for all(whether men, women and children). Try to join this affiliate program if your audience like buying from online. You 14% commission is assured if a user buys through your affiliate link.

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4. Ebay.

I will say that, the brand alone speaks for itself. Ebay is undoubtedly one of the biggest platform for both selling and buying. It offers a lot of options for users so I would say that, it’s a whole package itself and the best affiliate marketing in Indonesia.

Unlike others, this platform will only pay affiliate commission when a visit complete an order. It can be trusted as it has been there for many years and no bad complain has been moving around internet about them. They also allow users to sell old goods which makes them completely different from others. Visit ebay for more information.

5.  Geavita.

An online electronics store (thus will be best option if your audience are much interested in electronics). A 20% commission rate is available if a user buys an item through your link. This online store, I think be best for tech communities as most of their products are wireless and wearable tools, phones, cameras, gaming laptop, office laptops and many more.

6. AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting is amongst the most trusted web hosting providers. They have an experience of more than 19 years in the industry and are the primary choice of website owners for the best web hosting service. A high-commission web hosting affiliate program offered by AccuWeb Hosting might be the best fit if you want to promote quality service with your audience. Their commission rates start from $25 up to $200 per sale. Along with this, they also offer a commission per click. So, you can earn multiple commissions by putting single effort. There is no need to worry about the marketing materials because they provide attractive banners, text ads, email URLs, and many more to simplify your promotion efforts.


One of the biggest online store with different types of products. They always produces quality to ensure the comfortability of their buyers. You can join them as an affiliate and promote their products and as usual, you will get some commission. Because of their quality products, promoting their products are quite easier than others as the bounce rate is relatively small. They offer 10% commission rate but sometimes it may depend on the type of product sold.


In Indonesia, there are a lot of affiliate programs you can engage in. However you need to choose the best and that is what I have provided above “Best affiliate marketing in Indonesia”. Hopes you find this information helpful. Thanks for reading this education article and don’t forget to drop your comments under the comments session.

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