AdSense Approval Tricks For Blogger Users [2 days approval]

AdSense Approval Tricks For Blogger Users [2 days approval]

Getting AdSense approval on blogger is very easy and simple but due to some hidden techniques, most of you thinks it is difficult. In the context of your search for AdSense approval tricks for blogger website, I am going to suggest few tips that will help you get approved within days if you follow and do things in the right way.

Top 5 AdSense Approval Tricks For Blogger Users.

1. Write Good Quality Contents.

I know you have been hearing this but if you really wants to get AdSense approval on BlogSpot, then your contents must be unique and must be of value to your audience. If you have copied contents on your website, then the possibility for you to get your website approved by AdSense will be small. Though it’s hard to produce good and quality contents but that must be your priority if you really wants to get Adsense up and running on your site.

Reasons Why AdSense Needs Quality Contents.

Content is a king. There are a lot of advertisers in AdWords and almost all of them require quality contents to display their ads, therefore AdSense has made this it’s priority so that there will be more space to display more ads  That Is the reason why you don’t see AdSense ads on Websites that contain images only. You need about 300+ unique words for each post to get AdSense up and running on your website.

2. Add Important Pages.

Pages are important factors when it comes to AdSense approval on BlogSpot. Google AdSense team finds it easy in rejecting sites without important pages like privacy, terms, contact us, disclaimer etc. This is because, they see your site to be lacking the core description that will help your visitors to know how you operate things or your website. In a nutshell, what I will say is that, pages are one of the key factors in Adsense approval tricks for blogger.

3. Optimize Your Website Speed.

Good website speed is another important factor when we talk about how to get AdSense approval on BlogSpot. Every advertisement slow website speed, so do AdSense ads, because of this AdSense is looking for websites that are already fast so that their ads wouldn’t have much impact on user experience.

Get the Best Blogger theme for AdSense approval

4. Complete Your Website.

Website Under construction is one of the key factors that prevents many of us from getting approved by AdSense. This is also an AdSense policy which means your website is still under construction and needs attention to get ads up and running on it. Problems like, bad user interface, bad navigation, copied contents, lack of pages etc. all can results in violating this AdSense policy. This is indeed one of the key factor you can consider as part of the  AdSense approval tricks for blogger.

5.  Index All Your Blog Posts Correctly.

When all your post and pages is been indexed Correctly and you are able to get organic traffic, the possibility for you to get AdSense approval is very high. AdSense require quality contents so if your post is ranked high on Google then it means it has some value to your audience which automatically gives you the greenlight to be approved by AdSense. The reason why I am saying this is that, I have tried this several times and it worked. If you really want the fastest trick in all the AdSense approval tricks for blogger, then I will recommend this to you. You can learn how to index blogger post step by step here.

Common FAQS

1. How much traffic required for AdSense approval.

AdSense does not have any traffic requirements for approval like other ad networks.  Whether you are a new blogger, your traffic is below 1000, etc. it is possible to get AdSense approval provided your website contains quality contents.

2. How many posts do I need to qualify for AdSense.

Ideally there’s nothing like you need a certain number of posts to qualify for AdSense but it makes sense to have at least 15-20 quality contents before you apply for AdSense.

3. How do I know if my website is approved.

Most at times, AdSense will send you a congratulatory message but if it doesn’t happen like that, simply go to your dashboard, navigate and click on sites to see your site’s status.


There are so many AdSense approval tricks for blogger but these are the ones that works without fail. Getting AdSense up and running on blogger is not difficult just that you never knew any of this better like today. I hope this article is helpful. Please try to drop your comments below or ask any questions you have and I will revert to you as soon as possible. Thanks For Reading.

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